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In the pages ahead are the fragmented events and our son's struggle to recover.

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The year was 1994, the time was August. People were celebrating WoodStock's 25th Anniversary.
We were on our way into a Nightmare, that haunts us to this day.

On that day, Michael was shot through the right side of his head was not expected to live.
Michael's girlfriends stepfather is the person who pulled the trigger while Michael was
conversing on the phone with his girlfriend. The shot was fired at close range, from a .45 cal.
handgun, so far these are the only facts we had been given.

The stepfather was only charged with a simple assault and battery and fined 2500.00.
This all took place in state of Virginia.

Over the course of time, while Michael was in the many hospitals, we pulled together information,
from libraries, the Internet and medical professionals. We are still learning as Michael's struggle continues.......

Michael has no memory of what happened that evening, perhaps this is a good thing, yet he wonders why his life took such a drastic turn. After his time in rehabilitation centers, Michael is going to collage. He has recently married and the couple are expecting their first child.

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